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Diverse Specialty Shapes & Plate Processes in Louisiana

Triple G Steel & Supply Inc. processes many of our metal products to serve specific applications. We have flat rolled and non ferrous processes along with specialty shapes and plate processes.

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Flat Rolled & Non-Ferrous

Our steel fabrication experts can complete several processes with flat rolled and non-ferrous metals. We can bend or form the steel and cut pieces to length. We can complete any edge related process, including trimming, edging, and conditioning. For the surface of the steel, we can punch, polish, paint, or emboss the metal to create a specific appearance or fit into certain machinery or structures. Other processes for flat rolled and non-ferrous metal include sawing, sharing, stamping, slitting, and roll forming. Triple G Steel & Supply Inc. can offer you steel materials that are raw for you to process yourself or completely finished so that all you have to do is attach the part to the structure, machine, or other application. We customize our services to each order and each customer.

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Specialty Shapes & Metal Plates

Many metal plates can be subjected to the same processes as flat rolled steel, but there are more options available when working with petal plates. Cutting related processes include beam splitting, cutting to length, edge trimming, fabricating, grinding, sawing, shearing, and structural tee splitting. Molding related processes include bending, burning, drilling, forming, leveling, lazer work, and roll forming. We work with the surface of steel to provide blast and priming, cambering, coating, edge conditioning, embossing, pickling, polishing, punching, and stamping.

Overall, whatever process you need to apply to your steel products, Triple G Steel & Supply Inc. can accomplish it. We work in several industries including fabrication, construction, transportation, aerospace, electronics, marine, and more. Contact us today to scope out the details of your project.

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