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Wide Range of Steel Products & Services in Louisiana

Triple G Steel & Supply Inc. in Harvey and Belle Chasse provides a wide range of steel products and services to be used in many applications.

thick metal sheets


We offer steel plate products that can be cut to any thickness, length, and width. Our stock plates include 316/316L, 304/304L, 410, 2205 Duplex, and other varieties. We have maintained rigorous procedures to track all of our materials to ensure it meets mill certifications. From smooth, square plates to diamond plate textures, and smooth, round plates we can customize these plates to meet any need.

project frame crane angle metal steel


Angle Steel plates are the beams you see with a vertical and horizontal flat beams attached with a right angle corner. These are used on door frames, roofing, chimneys, and many other applications in construction and manufacturing.

vertical bars metal steel

Flat Bar

Flat bar stainless steel is used in many construction applications, including staircase railing, solar panel support, roofing beams, and much more. We can deliver steel flat bars sawn to exact lengths. These bars are used in tools, surgical and medical parts, thread bars, bolts, and many other applications.

high tensile deformed steel bar

Round Bar

Round bars are available from Triple G Steel & Supply Inc. and can be used for valves, pipes, pump shafts, tools, carburized parts such as kingpins and gears, tie rods, axles, bushings, hydraulic hose fittings, and much more. These can be cut to any length and fabricated to almost any circumference from small tool parts to support beams for structural elements.

c metal channel straight


We also have steel channels available, which are flat steel beams with three sides: the bottom and two vertical sides. The vertical sides can be straight or create a “c” or “s” curve and each variety is used in different applications. We have channels with oval cut outs on the flat side as well, often used as part of a cable support system. From building a home to completing complex manufacturing machinery, channel steel can be applied to vertically any industry and can be made for any size.

project building frame structure metal
metal construction beams


Triple G Steel & Supply Inc. also has steel beams available in a wide range of heights and circumferences. They are most often used in steel structures, buildings, and in building support systems, both interior and exterior areas.

steel pipes


Steel pipe is also available and is used in plumbing, heating, and cooling systems. Pipes are most often round, but can also be square when used in ventilation or exhaust applications.

interlocking metal grating fence


Steel grating is a system of interlocking perpendicular bars, used in grilles, divers, and screens. From storm sewers to bridges and platforms to drywall support, we have several grating sizes available and can custom fabricate the grating material for your needs. Grating may also be used for fencing, road construction support, water channel supports, and outdoor industrial applications such as boat docks and access ramps.

Floor Grating: Submit your blueprint or takeoff to Triple G Steel & Supply Inc. for floor grating. Triple G Steel & Supply Inc. will cut to size and deliver to your jobsite.

stack heavy industrial metal bar storage warehouse


Triple G Steel & Supply Inc. also has steel rebar, which is short for reinforcing bar. It’s made with a mesh of steel wires and used a tension device in reinforced concrete and masonry to strengthen and hold the concrete in tension. We can supply any size and quantity to meet the needs of your job.

primed beam metal steel

Expanded Metal

Our expanded metal products are a form of metal stock made by shearing a metal plate in a press, stretching it and leaving diamond shaped openings surrounded by interlinked bars. Slitting and stretching the material simultaneously is the most common process used to achieve expanded metal production.

metal steel sheets thin

Pre-Galvanized Material

Pre-galvanized material is also a product option. This steel was galvanized while in sheet format, prior to additional manufactured. The steel sheet is rolled through molten zinc; then sent to a mill to be galvanized and cut to size before it is recoiled.

long sheet metal steel

Blasting & Painting

Triple G Steel & Supply Inc. provides blasting and painting services for any type of steel. This includes blasting away particles to create texture and beveling, and paint metal surfaces to match machinery, staircases, structural elements, and more. Our paint has protective coatings in it to seal out excess moisture to prevent rust and is scratch resistant to keep your metal looking polished.

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